Taller Women Can Wear A Longer Infinity Scarf, Or Loop It Twice Around The Neck.


One of Maloneys favorite items is what she calls the bar scarf. Its a simple knit scarf, but instead of ending in fringe, both ends have pockets. Toss in your wallet, keys and phone, and you dont have to carry a purse to the bar and risk leaving it there. Selecting something simple and sweet Brenda Vecchiarelli thinks about climate, style and what women want when she stocks her scarves for the season. Girls in California love scarves, but they need something that will transition through the day, she said. Its cold in the morning then warm in the afternoon. Vecchiarelli recommends an open-knit crochet style infinity scarf. These you can just throw on over an outfit and it falls into place in perfect disarray. Taller women can wear a longer infinity scarf, or loop it twice around the neck. Perfect Pear also carries chevron style prints, leopard print and thin narrow knit scarves with fringe hanging on hooks around the shop. Scarves for men, too Mike Clark, an employee at Randalls Fine Clothing and Gifts in the Downtown Mall, says mens outfits are also improved by the addition of a fine scarf.

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